Jun 30, 2010

Michael Donovan

Basically...just wicked, rad and bad!


These photos came out a lot creepier than intended. I don't really think I achieved much today. 
p.s i love that dog, his name is Chico <3

started at this whereabouts

And this is what I was wearing today. I included my hair in this because quite frankly, it looks hilarious! I washed it and brushed it and it ended up like this...it's practically doing flips!!!
Scarf - Sportsgirl
Blazer - Sportscraft
Dress - TRF Zara

Jun 28, 2010

no one to stay with

I feel as though I'm developing OCD...or OCISD (obsessive compulsive internet suicide disorder)! No, but all will be well, imageshack has been my trusted image uploader since the good ol' days of Year 9. Aside from that...I am just obsessed with getting things right and if they're not right I start all over again. my parents (and tumblr friends) can vouch for this...it's how I've always been.