Jun 28, 2010

no one to stay with

I feel as though I'm developing OCD...or OCISD (obsessive compulsive internet suicide disorder)! No, but all will be well, imageshack has been my trusted image uploader since the good ol' days of Year 9. Aside from that...I am just obsessed with getting things right and if they're not right I start all over again. my parents (and tumblr friends) can vouch for this...it's how I've always been. 


Francesca said...

Oh wow, that's a gorgeous photo. I'm following you now. :)

Katie said...

Natalia is one great success story, her upbringing was not all that good, but look where she is now, with her husband and kids, her beauty, I love her. oxo
p.s. you went to Como? Gahh!! I envy you dear. I want to travel all of Italy soon, one day. =)

Erimentha said...

fuckkk thats a hot test! :) love you lissy!

Erimentha said...

:( yeah i hate host sites letting you down. fair enough that you're pissed and want everything to work ok.

x you're special & the best.