Jul 28, 2010

Warning : this may make you very sad

From Elle in 2005.
(scan by me please credit!)

Long Long time ago...

Heather Marks for Vogue Nippon October 2004.
Just to share a photo with you, a photo that I was literally OBSESSED with when I was 15.


Marc by Marc advertisements are generally made of absolute win, I find the latest Fall ones a little dreary but LOVE this Spring one!
(scan by me please credit!)

rules are such a bore...

I've adored her since I stumbled across her during the Fleur Delacour fuss!
(scans by me please credit!)

Thunder Perfect Mind

Here is my favourite 'fashion film' ever created and possibly my favourite short film ever created. Maybe just possibly my favourite film? 

Jul 27, 2010

Patterns and Flowers

This blog has become pathetically self-indulgent as of late, it's just how I'm feeling and I shan't let it stay this way (well, hopefully I will stop feeling the way I do and THEN it will stop). 
Anyway I will have amazing scans from the 90's on the blog soon...EXCITING. And uhm...yes I really want to hide away for a week.
I always feel like that but right now it's particularly strong.

A present!

Buy me this dress for my 20th birthday PLEASE? You've got just under six months to save enough! I mean...Balmain isn't THAT expensive...

If you please?

My anxiety is getting the better of me this week, I haven't a clue why but it's really horrid. And so I have decided that maybe if I covered my face in pretty stickers and sparkles I would feel better?

Jul 26, 2010


This is completely un-doctored, I think I am officially MASTER of photobooth? YES? Anyway I saw Inception last night and just wanted to say.
And hello to everyone that keeps popping onto the blog, I am totally taken aback by the love it gets daily! I start uni today and instead of that being bad, it's incredibly good...gets me busy doing (generally) creative things.
(p.s yes I'm in a very jolly mood this morning, I haven't a clue why...).
Also, last night I dreamt that I started at a new school and every period we had a test of putting outfits together out of all the clothing they had in each room. Then we each got cameras MOULDED to us?? So they stayed there forever...I don't know. Crazy.

Jul 24, 2010

Blood Trade

And we take a short break in fashion broadcasting to give you a look at a short film I was in recently!
YAY! Please don't laugh at my acting, focus on the film. THERE IS SWEARING and it's kind of gruesome, but I think it's wicked!


Haha, I was actually on the phone when I took this...anyway! This is what I wore today (I know I always take horrible outfit photos and I'm sorry for that).
Jacket - IKKS
Maxi Dress - Dotti
Scarf - Dotti

But But But! Anyway! I start my second semester on Monday and this weekend has been incredibly uneventful, I've spent every night at home doing not much really, except being alone. My room is beautiful clean though (I know it doesn't look it, I promise that it is). My cat is currently trying to really really slowly edge his way under my laptop and onto my lap...
this post is so pointless!

Divine Apartments

I know a lot of people didn't like this collection and in fact it took me a while to! I really do think it was divine...and this video brings that out even better than the runway show (only a little bit better!), because I felt with this collection...it was overwhelming as a whole (especially with the giant golden lion) and the beauty was in the details or individual outfits combined with the messy hair and simple red lips. 

Loneliness continued