Feb 23, 2011

Everybody knows

"My soul is impatient with itself, as with a bothersome child; its restlessness keeps growing and is forever the same. Everything interests me, but nothing holds me. I attend to everything, dreaming all the while. I’m two, and both keep their distance—Siamese twins that aren’t attached."

- The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa

Little Red!

I figured it was about time I introduced you to my red hair! Cut by the completely amazing Adam Noble and coloured with all Goldwell products. It was to launch Goldwell's new colour range for 2011. I was utterly honoured to be a part of it and I am so so happy with the result!!!
If I eventually find photos from the event I will definitely post them here. 

Let's not waste

I will always be a fan of the 'au-naturel' Daria. 

Feb 19, 2011

Keep walking

I will stay chipper and I won't burden myself with the world anymore. 
Julia, you are the greatest.