Nov 23, 2010

Merethe Spam

Because I'm kind of totally obsessed with her yeahp!!!


Langley Fox said...

This is lovely!

Don't usually comment but I like your likes and know that hardships come and go. x

Mia said...

Yay! Found your blog via Tumblr, really like it (following). I just discovered Merethe and I'm crazy about her, especially when I found out that she was Norwegian too :p

Erimentha said...

hey lissy,
i'm really sorry i haven't been commenting for ages. life has been crazy busy, with exams and friend drama. i really really did miss your blog though.
i love this photoshoot, it's very intense, and comforting. it doesn't smooth over the models flaws (she hardly has any). but it's real and has an intricate beauty which i love.

how have you been? what have you been up to lately? do you have many plans for christmas?
much love,