Sep 12, 2010

Hello hello Bali

My parents came back from Bali last weekend, and bought some rather fine gifts home with them! This isn't everything, as I am so forgetful. But they bought me this lovely bracelet and dress (which I am wearing right now, and was wearing in this post). I desperately want to go to Bali! SOMEONE TAKE ME!


JL said...

I could be your date on the trip:)

Erimentha said...

get your boy to take you to bali! i love love love your dress. so fresh and like 'fuck you winter'.

thanks for your comment. yeah i havent had a good YEAR. fuck months or days. oh well, got my email yeah? you can vent to me and maybe ill vent to you. cept i hate venting cuz everything sounds silly, so instead i just blog about agree?

eri <3