Sep 10, 2010

Who am I kidding

I can't last 24 hours without a panic attack, whether it be mild or the usual over the top one. 
This is not fun and I am not getting any better.


Athena. said...

Lissy, dearest,
I am so sorry that this is happening; don't ever apologise for this, because it is not your fault. It is never, ever your fault, to be feeling like this, okay?
You are such an incredible person. And it hurts to see you suffering; I wish that everything would just stop and stop and you would be okay and so, so happy.
All I can offer you is words upon words and my love. So, I'm sending you buckets of the stuff, straight from this little heart to your beautiful one.

Love and love and love, Athena. xxx

Bec said...

you can do it dearest, and if you ever doubt yourself you know who to call xx

Lissy said...

i love you both <3

DREAMY said...

you remind me so much of my lovely friend who used to suffer from the same problem. maybe something in your life isn't suiting you right now? don't worry it'll pass, everything does.

Anonymous said...

Hi... I found your blog through your tumblr, which I love btw.

I know I'm a random stranger and don't know what you're going through, but I used to have panic attacks all the time... every day or more. I realized the root to mine was a magnesium deficiency. I don't know if this information may help--you may already know about this! But just thought I'd add... and I hope you're doing okay. Hang in there, be strong. <3

Lissy said...

Anon, I'm not sure if you'll read this but thank you for this I will definitely look into that ❤