Dec 8, 2010

One Thing

"For one thing, we can choose in every single moment which occurs now, and now, and now, to embrace our world with love, to create no more negative karma, to resist the desire to shoot others down and destroy our surroundings with contempt. We can choose how to act, and that is all that we can do: what we eat, what we buy, how we act, speak or interact with the world. I want to share my colorful interior, and so to disintegrate this split between the inside and outside: to know my world as myself, to know my surroundings as my loves and joys. To paint, cook, share, laugh, dance. To live seamlessly amongst free and happy animals, happy, free humans, and a free and healthy, happy Earth."

1 comment:

Fleur said...

beautiful text and beautiful picture! :o
and where i live there definitely IS winter! there's snow everywhere! first it was nice. but know it only annoys me :P
i like your blog ;)