Dec 7, 2010


Clothing and shoes from my Mum and a beautiful scarf from my boyfriend's family.

My father knows me too well...

DSi related objects were from my brother and my Dad, and that HIGHLY ADDICTIVE Whack-a-Mouse is from my boyfriend hehehe!


Here is where you should drool. A set of Shakespeare plays...they are the most beautiful books I have ever seen. Oh my. Thank you Mum. And it cannot be my birthday without a bunny or two! My nickname at home is Bunny...

A gorgeous glass pandora charm from my mother and these earrings which make me feel magical from my beautiful boyfriend <3



Johan Lyckaro said...


Chiara said...

:O Whoa, you got so many pressies! And they're all awesome!

Puspa. said...

Happy birthday, beautiful! :) x

Francisco Novillo said...

Wow the books are beautiful!
and I bet you look beautiful with those clothes too!
And the earrings are lovely, and those bunnies :B
And the Alice weekly schedule diary is a perfect gift, though the girl should be blonde hehe
I hope you upload a video playing guitar!
And rock those shoes gurrl!
and your lovely!
you deserve the best
so happy belated birthday again

C. said...

Ohh! Happy birthday Lissy! It's sad leaving the teens but the 20's a really exciting. Enjoy it! :)

Kat said...

Those shorts are amazing! Outfit post soon, please.

Anonymous said...

i LOVEEEEEE those shorts. pls take a photo of you in your new outfit. where r thsoe shorts from?x