Apr 18, 2012

Last week on Crown

April  9th to April 13th.  I must admit, this week wasn't easy for me. Whilst Easter was lovely, I felt very lonely and then as my moving day grew closer and closer my anxiety got worse and worse. I must say though, it's nice to have a normal anxiety trigger. Whilst my reaction was probably more heightened than the average person, I do believe that moving into a new place with a bunch of (albeit lovely) strangers was a valid reason to feel anxious!


Angus said...

Good to see you're still alive :) Call me sometime? <3

Lena Rigg said...

I was quite sad when I saw that you deleted your tumblr, but I kept your blog in my favourites so I found you back! I wish you all the best. xxx
(ps: sorry if I'm being creepy!)

Bao-Cher said...

Dear Miss Lissy,

I'll be wandering over to your side next weekend, would you like to purposely cross-paths?

xx Miss Bao