Aug 17, 2010


I am having a really rough time.


Erimentha said...

me too :(

Erimentha said...

awww you too. whats up with you? just general life shittyness?

thinking of you xooxoxxooxox

Erimentha said...

aww wow babe that sucks so much. yeah a couple of nights ago i spent 2 hours writing lists of everything i had to do because i couldnt sleep until i did...very OCD. i feel shit.

but thanks, love to you too. xxxx
ps. least your blogging is always amazing ;)

slow cheetah. said...

Me too.

Athena. said...

Oh, lissy, you deserve the world and more ):
I hope that the upcoming spring makes you feel so much more happier, and that things get better as soon as possible!
Love, Athena.

Moe Gustafsson said...

Does it? It's a Schapendoe. A rare breed.

hope you're feeling better soon.

xx Moe

Erimentha said...

Is it getting better yet? Cuz I'm not and it sucks shit.

Thinking of you lovely,

Frankie said...

Here darling, have a happy. You're wonderful and lovely, remember.