Aug 16, 2010

Pretty (unimpressed) Kitty

Pretty sure my cat hates me...haha and THAT FUR RUG THERE, that's my dog (one of the two). Excuse how weird my leg looks in the last photo...
Today I'm not sure of anything, at all, everything is totally muddled. Hence the muddled (and far too light for today's weather) outfit. 
Jumper - ?
Shirt - ?
Shorts - Supré (haha)

Everything I'm wearing was thrifted, hence my COMPLETE lack of knowledge as to where they're from or who they're by. That is my excuse for wearing Supré shorts, also THEY MAKE THEM SO SMALL!! IT'S GOOD!


Cromlech said...

oh my god win :D
your legs look awesome, your clothes are awesome, and you have a cat :D total WIN in my opinion, Alice!
i still can;t believe how thin those legs are *_*

angi said...

im all about the supre pants.. once i bought a pair 50% off from vinnes.. for $4.. yes I am the proud owner of second hand 50% off surpe jeans HA! xx

Anonymous said...

how do u stay so skinny? plssss reply

Lissy said...

Hi anon,
I just am, it's genetics haha