Aug 10, 2010

Perfect Polas

Technically not Polas, but so many agencies refer to their 'Digitals' as 'Polaroids' so I figured it didn't matter! Anyway WOW. 19 year old 5'10er Anastasia Krivosheeva for Women NY.


Anonymous said...

You have exquisite taste and a great style blog. Thanks for you work..

From a middle aged schizophrenic loser in a horribly painful life situation in the states..

Lissy said...

Thank you and I'm sorry :/

martha said...

I've been noticing lately how many underrated beautiful models and fresh faces there are and yet people prefer the popular ones, but I would love to shoot this type of beauty rather than Iekeliene or Lindsey Wixon..this girl deserves to make it big ! she is just lovely